6 things to watch, read, listen, eat and do this December


Netflix – Alias Grace

Based on the novel by Margaret Atwood (the legendary author who brought us The Handmaiden’s Tale) Alias Grace is beautifully harrowing. Based in 19th-century Canada it follows a young murderess and a psychiatrist who is trying to determine whether she should be pardoned due to insanity. Surprising, compelling and at times brutal.

Music – Miguel’s new album War & Leisure

Miguel’s latest is your new Summer soundtrack. If you like The Weeknd, Frank Ocean or Marvin Gaye, you’ll love this album. He’s an artist unafraid to voice his political opinion and does so with masterful songwriting paired with simultaneously laid-back and bubbly beats.

Podcast – Slow Burn: A Podcast about Watergate

The original scandal that birthed the -gate scandal suffix (e.g. deflategate and trousergate) has be turned into a podcast. It’s something I never knew much about and the host Leon Neyfakh does a great job of explaining the events in an entertaining format. He looks into the political scandal that had President Nixon covering up the actions of five men who broke into political headquarters during the 70s.

Book Murder on the Orient Express

A friend suggested (read: insisted) that I read Agatha Christie’s novel before watching the movie. It’s popular advice, and in this case well received. Published in 1934 it’s a classic murder-mystery that’s lavish, thrilling and a seriously enjoyable read.

Food – Tok Tok on Hurstmere Road

This Asian fusion restaurant is always busy – for a good reason! Every time I’ve been the service is great and the food delicious. My picks are the Salt and Pepper Squid, Pad Thai, and Papaya salad. Make sure you always opt in for a Roti or two.

Christmas Bonus – Christmas at Silo Park

Summer means Silo Park is back! From 21 Dec to 24 Dec they’ll be celebrating Christmas with four days of entertainment. Enjoy music, food, games, a movie on the Friday, and Santa himself on the Saturday & Sunday.



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