2017 Popped – thirty things you forgot happened this year

With fourteen days left until the end of 2017 I thought it was the perfect time to review some of the biggest pop-culture moments that happened this year.


  1. When La La Land was incorrectly announced as the winner of the Best Picture Oscar instead of actual winner Moonlight
  2. Fidget Spinner mayhem
  3. Harry Styles solo album and full style transformation. Mick Jagger vibes?
  4. The Handmaid’s Tale was released with impeccable timing during a year which made an extreme future seem shockingly possible
  5. Pippa Middletons Wedding to Spencer Matthew‘s hedge fund manager brother


  6. Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement photoshoot
  7. Further fostering celebrity-royal marriages was Harry and Megan’s Engagement
  8. The Queen and Prince Philip’s 70th wedding anniversary portrait (they replicated one from the start of their marriage ❤ )
  9. The mightiest typo of 2017 was undoubtedly Trump’s ‘Covfefe’ which baffled everyone (including Trump himself)
  10. Sofia Coppola won the Canne Film Festival award for Best Director – the first women in 56 years

    @thesuburbian copy

  11. Steve & Dustin 4eva. Easily the best part of Stranger Things season two
  12. Nicole Kidman’s acting comeback in Big Little Lies
  13. The general, tedious Kardashain pregnancy madness (are they, who is, aren’t they?). Oh and the whole mess of Rob and Blac Chyna…
  14. The news that the old Taylor Swift is dead
  15. Wonder Woman breaking records, stereotypes and inspiring women around the world

    @thesuburbian copy 2.png

  16. More inspiring women in those that stood up against Harvey Weinstein
  17. Everyone singing along to Despacito despite not knowing the words. It currently sits on 4.5 BILLION (!) views on YouTube
  18. 2017 was the one and only time Christiano Ronaldo will be referred to alongside the word  ‘poor’. His bust sculpture was the stuff of nightmares –  ‘poor, poor Christiano’ we all said
  19. Ed Sheehan’s Game of Thrones acting debut
  20. The Melania Trump and Michelle Obama with the Tiffany’s box saga that made us all cringe

    @thesuburbian copy 3.png

  21. The only thing to make us cringe more – Kendall Jenner and that Pepsi ad
  22. On the other hand I couldn’t be more proud to share my name with Sesame Street’s first autistic character 
  23. Brienne and Tormund giving us the ultimate ship
  24. Mans Not Hot‘ but November in NZ sure was
  25. Still riding the internet meme wave is Salt Bae. So niche, yet still so popular with 9.9 million instagram followers

    @thesuburbian copy 4.png

  26. 2017 was the year of Stephen King as his adaptions appeared all over the big and small screen. Also – Pennywise
  27. 13 Reasons Why and the debate of public verses private
  28. Okja had us all questioning our meat-eating habits (Santa, if you’re reading this, please can I have a super-pig pet?)
  29. The masterpiece that was Get Out
  30. Paris Hilton, once again (and forever) is the style queen that we all need but don’t deserve

@thesuburbian copy 5.png



Here’s to the end of 2017! I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings…

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