Forgotten Style: Hilary Banks

There are three things I remember from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air:

  1. Watching it after school
  2. Carlton’s dancing
  3. The theme song

I never realised, until recently, how amazing Hilary Banks was. Her immortal line “Hi daddy, I need $300” sums up her characterisation during the early seasons of the show (there were six) but truthfully she was a career woman with the ultimate 90’s power closet.

Almost three decades on, Hilary’s style is still fresh.

  1. Layering & her debut weather woman outfit

    Untitled design copy 3

  2. I need that sheer blouse

    Untitled design copy 2

  3. Who was Hilary without an amazing hat?

    Untitled design copy

  4.  A little Mondrian and a lot of red

    Untitled design

  5.  Block colours and the best necklaces

    Untitled design-2

  6.  Surprising details and statement accessories

    Untitled design copy 4

Re-watching the episodes I noticed how many outfit changes all the characters in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air had in each episode.  Six seasons of style means the show was able to capture the essence of 90’s dressing and made Hilary the decade’s style Queen.

Throughout the 148-episode run one accessory appeared again and again – big earrings. So grab yourself a pair before the trend really kicks off in the new year and channel a little HB.


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